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About Pocatello High School

Mission Statement

Pocatello High School is committed to preparing students to take on the challenges of competitive, ever-changing world and participate as informed, productive members of society.

The "Arrows," or core values at Pocatello High School, point toward the target of high school graduations. Each student is educated, equipped, and empowered with the Arrows of Tradition, Excellence, Citizenship, Academics, and Diversity as they take aim and focus on their future.

Tradition - A rich tradition surrounds each student as they enter the halls of Pocatello Hight School. Established in 1892, "Poky High" is one of the oldest schools in the state, educating students wo are fourth or fifth generation Pocatello High School scholars. Community members, businesses, faculty, alumni, and students know that "Poky Pride Never Dies."

Excellence - Students at Pocatello High School are challenged to seek excellence by doing their best and persevering. Academics and the arts, drama and debate, athletics, clubs, and student government all cultivate a culture of excellence in providing students an array of areas to explore their passions and flourish.

Citizenship - Students at Pocatello High School learn the importance of service, decision making, and social responsibility. As members of a larger community, students and staff embody caring and compassion through contributions of time and talent to improve the lives of fellow students, the community, and the world. Good citizenship is emphasized through organized and anonymous service.

Academics - Students at Pocatello High School seize opportunities to excel in a wide range of honors, dual enrollment classes and Advanced Placement courses. Whether participating in National Honor Society, pursuing college readiness, or enrolling in any number of Career and Technical Education programs, Pocatello High School students have a wide range of academic choices and instruction available to them.

Diversity - Poky's enduring diversity is captured in the school motto, "Pocatello High School: Where Everybody is Somebody." The perspectives each student brings to the overall learning community are valued and appreciated. Students of all abilities, incomes, languages, races, religions, genders, orientations, and career and life goals find a home at Poky.

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