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PHS Welcomes you to House of Thunder
PHS Cheer team in formation
Science Classroom with tables chairs textbooks and Einstein and the periodic table on the wall
Front Doors at Pocatello High School


Founded in 1892, Pocatello High School is located in Historic Downtown Pocatello. PHS part of the Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25. The school's leadership includes Principal Lisa Delonas; Assistant Principal Heidi Graham, Assistant Principal Holly Lacey, and Assistant Principal/Athletic Director Robert Parker. Pocatello High School is committed to preparing students to take on the challenges of competitive, ever-changing world and participate as informed, productive members of society.

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“Mr. Praska is awesome, he is always full of energy and he makes the warm-ups and stretching fun. It is always fun to go to his class and workout, and the energy in the class is always the best.

Andrew M.

Ms. Betty has by far been the most inspirational and wonderful teacher I have had in my years of school. Her ability to inspire is from her being able to so fully enjoy what she does. She has taught me to enjoy what I do in life and to make the best of any situation even though it may be difficult.

Eli N.

Mr. Pankau stood out as a teacher who truly got me excited about learning and kept me engaged in the classroom. Mr. Pankau did his best to take learning outside of the classroom and implement hands-on experiences into his teaching. These classes gave me the desire to pursue a degree in wildlife science and management by reinforcing my love for being educated about the natural world around us.

Brayden K.

Shayne is an incredibly dedicated student. She asks wonderful clarifying questions that benefit not only herself but also her peers. When a student says they can't do something, Shayne often pushes them to reconsider their outlook and attempt to do their work anyway. She is a positive influence in her class and never shies away from trying something new.

Ms. Nielsen, Student Teacher

Mrs. Curr has helped me improve my speaking skills, my confidence, and all-around prepared me for many things in life. Her classes are the best part of my day.

Alex Kuyper

When it comes to math teachers, Mrs. Betty has stood out as an inspirational figure and clear favorite. Her attention to detail and ability to keep each and every student in the class engaged are unmatched!

Emry Harward